Goal and Scope

The short summer school covers a range of advanced topics in atmospheric physics and climate, it is directed to young scientists and graduate students in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics or Engineering, who wish to deepen their knowledge in atmospheric physics.

The School includes a 3 days intensive training period with courses by a set of international lecturers and the participation in meteorological field campaign activities.

The courses, in English, will be given at University of Évora. Évora, The main topics of the Short Summer School on Atmospheric Physiccs are: Surface-Atmosphere interactions, Bondary Layer, Aerosols, Turbulence, Clouds and Precipitation, climate and Remote sensing

The Summer School is open to PhD students in Environmental and Earth Sciences, Physics and in Engineering. Postdocs, junior scientists, meteorologists and master students are also welcome.

The Summer School will grant 1 ECTS.



More informations: Rui Salgado